Fresh Apricots Bremmer's Farm
2015 Season is over!! Thank you everyone for a great season!! We look forward to seeing everyone next year! Thank You!!

Welcome to Bremmer's Farm! Home of the best tasting apricots around. We are located in Northern California and sell the freshest, sweetest apricots you can imagine.  All of our fruit is hand picked daily from our local orchard. When you visit our fruit stand, you are surrounded by our beautiful apricot trees. Feel free to take some pictures or just enjoy the relaxing calm of being out in nature. Break out the picnic basket and enjoy lunch with some fresh fruit. In addition to our fresh apricots, we offer dried cots, baked goods, jams and a variety of nuts.      

Our fruit stand is open every day during harvest time each year. As long as we have fresh apricots, we will be open to serve you.  Most years we are starting harvest by the end of May or early June and we are usually open for about 30 days. Harvest time is when we  offer our famous Fresh Apricot Pie and Apricot Brownies. If you plan on getting a Fresh Apricot Pie , it is a good idea to call and order one in advance. They go quickly...but with a reservation in, we will hold one for you. Our Apricot Brownies are a favorite of all ages. Baked with diced apricots inside, the taste is sure to please. Grab a couple for a snack on the road or to bring home to family.

In addition to baked goods, we offer a variety of jams and syrup. Of course, we have regular Apricot Jam, but we also make Apricot Pineapple, Apricot Jalapeño, and Apricot Habanero. And for those with sugar restrictions, we make Apricot No Sugar Added and Apricot Pineapple No Sugar Added. These jams are a tasty addition to sandwiches, crackers, or toast and have many uses in recipes for pork and chicken alike. Our syrup is good on waffles and pancakes and makes a delicious topping to ice cream. A creative cook will find the possibilities endless.